I'm looking forward to working with you

Please contact me to see how I can help you.

Email: tori@seymourproofreading.co.uk.


If you are getting in touch for a proofreading or editing quote, please send a representative

500–1,000 word sample of your file (in Word or PDF format) along with:

  • subject of email ‘proofreading’ or 'editing' (please specify the level of editing required)

  • the details of your work and exact word count

  • your schedule/deadline and budget

If you are getting in touch for an early manuscript review (beta reading) quote, please send your first chapter (in Word or PDF format) along with:

  • subject of email ‘early manuscript review’

  • the title, genre and exact word count

  • the blurb or summary

  • expected turnaround time and budget


If you would prefer not to send a sample until I can confirm availability, then please send details of your work, word count, schedule and budget.


I'm happy to offer a fee per hour or per 1,000 words or an agreed flat fee for the job (urgent turnaround work and/or weekend/bank holiday work may be charged at a higher rate).

All quotes are in GBP and are to be paid by bank transfer (if the you are UK-based) or via TransferWise (if elsewhere) to my UK bank account. After the free sample review, and we’ve come to an agreement, I will ask for a 50% deposit. Before I send you the completed work I'll ask for the remaining fee. If an overseas transfer is not possible via TransferWise,

payments are to be made by international bank transfer (SWIFT) to my UK bank account. In these cases I'll ask for 100% of the fee upfront to minimise costly bank charges. If your bank will charge me to receive payment this will be added to the fee. All invoices are due on receipt.


"Victoria has a very friendly and positive work ethic that pairs wonderfully with her professionalism. I recommend Victoria and Seymour Proofreading for any needs that an author may seek. They will get a thorough, personable, and effective critique with quick turnaround."
Mj Ellis