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Get 10% off your next project

Referral scheme

Refer your author, academic or business friends to me and

you will get 10% off your next project if they hire me.

And to make sure that your friends don't feel left out,

they will also get 10% off their first project.

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Are you a writer of fiction? I can help to ensure your work is the best it can be before it is sent to your agent or publisher, or, if you are self-publishing, your readers.

Students and
academic researchers

Are you writing a thesis, dissertation or academic paper? Do you need a second set of eyes to check over your work? I can help you get your documents ready for submission.

Businesses and

Are you composing a business report or marketing material? Would you like me to give it a look over before it is publicised or distributed? I can make sure your documents are consistent and fit for purpose.

A delight to work with ...

“For the proofreading, she did a fantastic job finding all my little mistakes. For my day job I work as an editor, and I can say that, in my professional opinion, her proofreading was spot on! Her responses were timely and her emails super polite. Victoria was simply a delight to work with.”​

—Charlotte, author

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