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Proofreading and proof-editing for independent authors

Are you a writer of fiction? Typos, grammatical errors or a plot inconsistency can be off-putting to your readers. They could lose interest and put your book down unfinished, or they may leave a less-than-favourable review. Wherever you are on your novel-writing journey, a beta read (early manuscript review), proof-edit or proofread will improve your work.


This is the final check – correcting minor errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar and formatting that have been missed in

previous rounds of professional editing.


Proof-editing happens when time and/or budget constraints mean that there is only one stage in the editing process. In proof-editing, the

usual proofreading concerns apply, but the

level of editing is likely to be greater.


Proofreading and proof-editing services

I will return your manuscript with:

  • typographical, spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors corrected

  • changes or suggestions to help you improve clarity, consistency and logic flow (in text, not in content)

Your text will also be aligned to your preferred style sheet (available as part of my proof-editing service).

My experience

I have experience proofreading and editing YA (young adult), fantasy, sci-fi, romance and women​’s fiction. I have proofread and edited in UK and US English, and I’ve worked with dyslexic people and people whose first language is not English.


I also have experience working with different style sheets. I​’m willing to work with your publisher’s style guide, or I can help you develop your own style sheet if you don​’t have one.

For a list of my training and CPD, please visit my qualifications page.

Her work was equal to that of my large publisher ...

“Working with Victoria was a dream. She was professional and considerate the entire time, and she made the whole experience very pain free.

I​’m a hybrid author, and finding a copy-editor for my first self-published manuscript was quite daunting, but her work was equal to that of my

large publisher. Thank you Tori.”​


Carlotta Page, author of Claimed by the Alien Outlaw


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