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Proofreading for students and academic researchers

Are you writing a thesis, dissertation or academic paper? Academic writing must be your own work, but it can be beneficial to have another pair of eyes look over your text to check for (and correct) minor errors in spelling, punctuation and grammar.

My proofreading service will help you get your documents ready for submission.


This is the final check – correcting minor errors in punctuation, spelling, grammar and formatting that have been missed in previous rounds of self-editing.


What type of editing/proofreading is appropriate?

For an explanation of the type of editing/proofreading that is appropriate for examined texts, please see the code of practice table in my agreement for proofreading academic work.

Proofreading service

I will return your document with:

  • typographical, spelling, punctuation and grammatical errors corrected

  • changes or suggestions to help you improve clarity, consistency and logic flow (in text, not in argument)*

*This is not always included for students submitting work for assessment because no actual rewriting can be done by a proofreader on examined texts. However, I may raise specific queries for you to address.

Please remember to allow enough time after I have returned your completed text (at least a few days) to think about and incorporate the proofreading corrections and suggestions before you submit your work for marking.

My experience

I have experience proofreading PhD (and EdD) theses and research papers (architectural, education, drama and business). With twelve years​’ experience in the architectural design industry, I specialise in architecture and design-related disciplines, but I​’m also comfortable with humanities and social sciences.


I have proofread and edited in UK and US English, and I’ve worked with dyslexic people and people whose first language is not English.​

For a list of my training and CPD, please visit my qualifications page.

An important and invaluable source of guidance ...

“Victoria has helped me by proofreading my PhD thesis. She has been immensely helpful beyond the proofreading with advice on every aspect of presentation and graphics. Professional throughout, she has been an important and invaluable source of guidance.”​

—Michael Cassidy, PhD student

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